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Our abuser is dangerous!

 June 08, 2011

Our abuser was recently arrested. The states advocate on the case called and told me that he had been arrested for possession. The advocate gave me wrong information about why our abuser was arrested. A few days later, I received a call from our abusers probation officer and she told me the reason why he was arrested. She gave me a DR # for the police report. Our abuser knocked on a woman’s door and began asking her if there was a man in the house, After leaving her home, he went to a neighbors house and offered $20 dollars for information about the woman. The neighbor asked him to leave, he went to another house and tried to walk in the home. When the police arrived he gave the officer a false name and crack was found in his possession. this is bone chilling to hear. He does not appear to have fear. His action went without any real consequences again. No new charges. I hope that doesn’t send a message to our abuser that he can continue to get away with his disturbing behavior. When he is released he will no longer be on probation. My children will no longer have  probation to help keep an eye on his behavior. This is really scary! He was on supervised probation for 3 years for stalking us. Now he only has to do 8 months. This just doesn’t seem fair. The probation officer provided me some good resources. AZ corrections.dov/inmates. & These websites allow me to find out if he gets any violations and when he is released. I really am grateful to the probation officer’s. They kept me informed and that really is important to keep my family safe. Again assuring me that keeping myself informed and staying close to my support group is the best way to survive our abuser.

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