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Raise Awarness about Domestic violence

 October 07, 2011

On October 15th, 2011, The national Advocacy and Training network, the Seeds program along with fix the hurt present’s ” Contol.Assault.Delete., A musical about Domestic violence. I look forward to seeing this musical. I hear it is going to be very good, I hope many people will get out to see this, raising awarness is so very important in our community today. Abuse does not go away just because some ignore it! You can contact NATN, Seeds program for tickets.


Breaking the cycle

 October 01, 2011

 A cycle of anger is coming up in my 11 year old, I feel anxios, because it doesn’t matter what I say or do, he just feels angry.  He avoids any talk about his relationship with his father. Almost to the point of protecting him. I realize, this can be part of his own self preservation. It must be hard for him. Wondering why his father would do those things to him? Wondering why mom could not keep him safe.  The counselor is working with him on how to express his anger. although I get concerned, I see some distructive behaviors, very similar to his father. The good side to this, he has awareness, and is getting the coping skills he needs. Rather than, carry it with him all his life. I Really thought once we got away from our abuser we would be free from his abuse. It has left a scare so deep in our lives, we are still trying to Fix the hurt. he did not deserve to be abused. Denial is a coping skill, I know this from my own experience. I have found a counselor that will come into our home and perhaps this will provide a new outlook for him. I asked that this counselor only focus on him, If they are always asking him about his abuser than the focus is still on his father and not on him, “Why are there not support groups for young boys” ? Or young kids for that matter. A group councling setting works for alot of people.


It’s been a long time.

 September 10, 2011

It’s been a very long time since my last blog. So many new exciting things are going on in my life. On july 10,2011 I became a grandmother to a beautiful healthy baby boy “D”. Unfortunately the baby lives out of the country with the mother, and my son and I are not able to have the relationship that we would like to have with baby “D”, hopefully someday soon that will change. Hopefully the baby will be able to have citizenship and we will be able to bring him here for visits. I’ve also been blessed with the oppurtunity  to attend a dental assistant school, which I absolutely love. I never thought I would ever say I loved school-but today things are different. There are alot of positive changes going on in my life. I am so amazed at how good life is today, the doors keep opening up to a better future, one right after the other one. I was  told when I got sober that my life would continue to get better and better, it has, and for that Iam eternally gratefull. Sincerely M.


A tough week

 August 08, 2011

I was selected to attend a free training to become a certified dental assistant by a wonderful group in Arizona. The Dental School actually accepted me to do this.  They obviously see the value in educating low income women with children to become self sufficient. I was on top of the world until  my case worker at DES informed me that I cannot go to any kind of school and receive subsidized daycare assistance from them.  I don’t receive any cash assistance but I do receive help for the daycare for my part time minimum wage job at a pizza shop. DES was going to cut off the daycare if I accepted this opportunity of a lifetime… the dental school training. They don’t see the value in me being able to earn a living wage once I complete this training that would help me to become self sufficient. They would rather I go back to my minimum wage job at the pizza shop and stay on the roles of subsidized  assistance. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps women like me living in poverty because I’ll never be able to earn enough to move forward.

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